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Every utility has a unique set of Credit and Collections criteria, driven by the municipal rules and regulations, state and local laws, business needs and regional concerns. This means that a one-size-fits-all C&C solution just won’t cut it, and why we’ve built enQuesta with the most robust, configurable C&C solution available.


enQuesta can manage any number of collections processes, with any number of steps in the process. Different types of customers, according to utility rulesets, can be on completely different paths, so one type of customers may get two notices, one hanger and 30 days, while another gets three notices, two hangers and sixty days. It’s all up to the utility. The collections process is also automated, so the customers move through the process, all the way to being transferred to an agency or written off, with your staff only being involved where you want them to be. A dispute or promise can step the customer out of the process, but they go right back in where they were later, if necessary, all driven by your needs.


enQuesta also manages an internal credit score for each customer, enabling utilities to set up certain programs, offerings or paths for customers depending upon their score.

Credit & Collections

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