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For such a large project, with so many moving parts, Go-Live is much more than just flipping a switch. This critical phase of the implementation requires a dedicated team with a plans that’s been tested for success. With S&S, you get a partner who understands the importance of this task and provides assurances that things will go smoothly.


Our resources, including the PM, Business Lead and various experts, will be on-site during this time to ensure things are going according to plan. We also ensure our customers are ready for the switch by letting them decide when it’s best to make the switch, once they have assurances that things are ready after the Simulation of the system. Finally, our resources will remain on-site to provide initial support and assistance once the customer is live no enQuesta.


You won’t find a more dedicated implementation partner than S&S, and our commitment to the special needs of your organization during this critical time is just one more reason why S&S is the right choice for your new CIS relationships.

Go-Live Assurance

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