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Technology shouldn’t just make things easier and faster behind the scenes, but should also provide your end customers with the power to connect with their utility account on their terms. The enQuesta Capricorn Web Self-Service portal provides exactly that, in an intuitive, powerful interface that your customers will both understand and use on day one.


This powerful portal is completely configurable, providing a utility-branded website that allows only exactly the functions you desire. Customers can pay their bill, view their usage on a sleek graph, change their information, set up a recurring payment, receiving notifications (like outage notifications), view their letters, request service, and so much more. This can all happen automatically, or sent as a request for a utility representative to view and approve. The use of Smart Forms through the portal will also allow you to automate numerous processes that are currently both manual and time-consuming for your customers.


Capricorn also utilizes powerful integration technology to allow your customers unprecedented access into their account. Through integration with AMI solutions, they can view their segmented usage, and through integration with an OMS, they can view outages as they are recovered. There’s no limit to the power you can hand your customers with Capricorn, all while freeing up your staff to focus on other matters.


Customer Self-Service

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