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Automation is what truly separates a modern CIS from a legacy solution. Gone are the days of manual processes and paper-run organization, and utilities need a CIS that understands the changing needs of this industry.


It’s with all this in mind that we designed enQuesta to be the most automated and intelligent solution on the market. Our imbedded automation seamlessly flows tasks through your system, moving things along as needed and placing them in an individual’s work queue when human decisions are required. Individuals are prompted when they have a task, and can quickly and easily review and complete their tasks as needed. Then, the power of enQuesta automation moves that task along to the next step in the process, or the next person who needs to act.


All of this combines into an intelligent, automated solution that quickly facilitates the business that needs to get done, all based upon your organization’s individual rulesets, regulations and desired workflows.

Workflow Automation

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