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Whether through legacy regulatory decisions, industry consolidation or a consumer push for more cohesiveness in their services, many modern utilities find themselves billing for more than one major service. While this opens up numerous opportunities for the utilities, it can also make finding the right technology solution a little more complicated. These utilities need a CIS and billing provider with deep experience in water, electric and gas customer management and billing, without giving up the features and services their customers demand.

With enQuesta 6, utilities get a CIS partner with a depth of experience billing multiple services for a single utility entity. Currently, the solution is in use for billing electric & water, water & gas, electric & gas, or all three are a number of our customers, often in conjunction with secondary services like waste, fiber, sewer & storm water. Through an understanding of how each service operates and the industry requirements thereof, S&S has made enQuesta the premier choice for utilities with more than just one service to manage.


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