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Systems & Software is an industry leader in providing billing and customer service solutions to electric utilities. As technology continues to advance, electric consumers now require a level of complexity and interactivity that was unheard of a decade ago, and municipalities continue to put ever-increasing regulatory requirements on electric providers. This puts enormous pressure on electric utilities to maintain stable, consistent and reliable billing procedures while adopting their technology and practices for the future.


To meet this demand, we’ve engineered our rate structure to seamlessly handle even the most complicated tiered, time-of-use and net metering requirements. enQuesta also leverages customizable account management, financial and collections processes, ensuring that enQuesta can be molded to fit any utility. We utilize an open architecture and robust set of APIs to seamlessly connect enQuesta to external solutions, enabling the utility CIS to be the centerpiece of the eventual overall technology solution. Each of these tools and processes are set up to be completely customizable and future-proof, giving our utility customers peace of mind knowing that future regulatory changes or industry trends can easily be accommodated with enQuesta.


Because backend technology isn’t enough to put on a modern face to electric customers, we also provide a robust, modern customer self-service portal that is wholly integrated with the CIS. The solution also integrates with industry-standard AMI and MDM solutions, allowing your customers to see immediate usage results on an attractive, modern customer self-service interface.


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