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S&S uses a cyclical training methodology to provide a complete understanding of enQuesta to our client’s Core Teams, Technical Staff, Trainers and End Users. Training is broken out by module and functional area, and a complete training plan is constructed by S&S Project Managers during the implementation of the solution. Classes are conducted on-site and facilitated by a dedicated training environment, module-specific training manuals and other audio/visual training aids.


Each organization and its needs is quite different, so we ensure that our methodology can be molded to the best solution for each of our customers. Want to provide your trainers with the knowledge they need to continue to train going forward? S&S can do that. Want us to train your heavy users in addition to your trainers? No problem. Want S&S to perform training for all end users, even casual ones? Sure thing, and we’ve got classes designed specifically for casual users so they don’t waste time on items they will never utilize.


Opportunities to learn about enQuesta don’t end after the implementation either. We have constructed a comprehensive online knowledgebase filled with manuals, tutorials, recorded webinars and more that uses can utilize whenever they wish to learn more about enQuesta. Plus, our resources are always available for additional training, both on-site and remote, to suit our customer’s needs.


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